Monday, November 30, 2009

Stenciled Tee's I did for Christmas Last Year...

These were my first attempts at doing stenciled tees. I printed out the images the taped them behind freezer paper, drew them on the freezer paper, then cut them out and ironed them on shirts and used acrylic paint mixed with a fabric medium and sponged them on.

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Hibiscus and name:
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Stewie from Family Guy:
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Achmed the Dead Terrorist:
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My first piece of Sculpture

I started Sculpture 1 my junior year of high school. I will never forget the day. I walked in the room and the teacher said "Who are you? I don't know you..."
~I replied back with my name and said this is my first pottery class.
~He then said "You've never taken a pottery class before?"
~"Well I will let you know right now, you will probably not get an A in this class unless you have already taken pottery, this is essentially pottery five..."
~"I'm a fast learner..."

It's funny looking back on it especially since after the first project he thought I was a genius. kids he had for years were having a hard time with the project and I just went at it full force. The project was to create something using extruded pieces. I had no idea what extruded even meant! But I watched people and finally figured out that you just pick a plate insert it into the extruder, then put some clay in there and pull the lever and out comes your "extruded pieces". I decided to just try hollow squares at first and this is what I came up with.

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It got into a show along with another one of my pieces I made later in the year (which I will post when I find a picture)

Found a cool contest you should enter!

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Just saying Hi!

I'm new to this whole blogging thing and I don't expect much to come in my first few months of blogging but I'll give it a try. Basically I think I will use this blog as a way to share my crafty creations and sometimes just random thoughts or ideas I have...