Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Get Well Card

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This may not look like a get well card, but you will understand in a minute.

My grandma loves animals and so when a pit-bull randomly ended up in her backyard, she took her in and cared for her because no one would take her, and if she went to the shelter they would put her down. She is extremely lovable and a complete people person, but she must have been trained to fight, because every time she sees another dog she attacks. My grandma has two other dogs, so she had to keep them separated and let the pit out at separate times so the dogs would never come into contact. Just recently she forgot one of the other dogs was still outside when she let the pit out and of course the pit attacked. She (stupidly in my opinion) tried to break the dogs up and she was severely injured, more so than either dog, she is not able to use her hands as they have cuts and bites all over them and she had rug burn from the outdoor carpet on her face and arms from wrestling with the dogs. She has a since of humor and she thought this card was perfect for the occasion and I knew she would so I made it for her.

It was made using a retired Stampin Up Stamp: Golden Oldies, it says "My mind not only wanders--sometimes it leaves completely."

I also used the cuttlebug folder: Textile

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