Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini-Walmart Haul

Hey everyone, I just got back from a trip to two different Walmarts in search of pop dots, but to no avail! However, I did find some things of interest. I made a video showing everything off, however, it came out really dark, so I will try again tonight, with some extra lighting.

I got:
~Martha Stewart Edge Punch- Train ($5.00)
~Martha Stewart Edge Punch- Arch Lattice ($5.00)
~Martha Stewart Pigment Ink Pads- Pastel ($4.00)
~Martha Stewart Pigment Ink Pads- Aquarium ($4.00)
~Martha Stewart Pigment Ink Pads- Floral ($4.00)

As comparison:
At Joann the punches are $15.99, they do not carry the ink pads (at least online they don't).
At Amazon the ink pads are $9.99

I would suggest checking your local Walmart(s) for the best prices, because the same day I bought these I seen them at a different walmart for $2.00 more.

Like I said earlier, I will try to make another video tonight, using better lighting and I will "test" everything on camera for the first time (should be humorous! :) )

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  1. I tried to find pop-dots at Wal-Mart too with no luck, but also found inks, punches and stamps! At great prices!! Love a great deal!