Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Birthday Card for my Dad

My dad is obsessed with hunting and fishing and when I made his card all I had was doodlecharms, paperdoll dress up, everyday paper dolls, accent essentials, plantin schoolbook, and walk in my garden, so I was VERY limited!! After scanning through the booklets some I formulated this idea in my head and it turned out great! I loved this card, it was my pride and joy! :)

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It has pop dots all over it and since I don't have chalks I used eyeshadow! LOL I also cut a slit in the water and strung some black thread through and then glued one end to the fishing pole and the other to a drawn hook that attaches to a fish on the inside...

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This is the best picture I have of the inside (I know it kind of sucks...)

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