Sunday, January 17, 2010

Design Studio!!!

Yesterday was my birthday and my wonderful fiance bought me, guess what? Design Studio!! I was so excited I actually convinced him to let me have it the night before! lol. So I was really frustrated with it because I just could not figure it out and it kept making me update it...after 3 HOURS I finally figured it out with the help of all the wonderful ladies at So I went through and was looking for cut files to see how it worked and I found some awesome ones at and I went ahead and made two of them! :) Then I worked up some courage with a hint of creativity and made my own design for an easter card, which I then cut out and put together (it will be in one of my posts in a few hours...)I'm pretty impressed with Design Studio and although I didn't spend the money to buy it, I think it is definitely worth the investment!

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