Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Shopping Trip

So the other day I was on cricut message board and someone said that Michaels had some stamps and ribbon in a $1 bin that were related to Valentines day. Naturally I was intrigued and HAD to go. So I went and got a couple things, a few stamps one says "This Book Belongs to..." (I plan on being a teacher, so this stamp should come in real handy in the future...), one is kissy lips, and one that says "I love you." I also got four rolls of ribbon for a dollar and some other misc stuff. When I got home and pulled out all my new toys I realized I bought two of the "This book belongs to..." stamp. Oops. No biggy though I'll just take it back. Well while I was looking for my receipt I found a coupon they had stuck in the bag...It was for 60% off a regular price item!!! WOW! I pondered on what I wanted that I could get with it. Obviously I would not be able to get any Cricut items so I was rather lost. Until I began thinking about the cards I had just recently made...

You see I never had a cuttlebug, I had the D'Vine Swirls folder, but I used a rolling pin to emboss can only imagine how hard it is, especially if you are doing it to more than one thing...

Anyways, then I was worried that Cuttlebug would somehow be classified as cricut, so when I got to Michaels I asked them, no one seemed to know, so I put the box in my buggy (can you tell I'm from the South, lol) and shopped around looking for skittles or dew drops... When I got to the register she rung it up and then took my coupon...fingers crossed...IT WORKED!!! I just bought an %80.00 cuttlebug for $35.00!!! :) HEAVEN!

I also bought some skittles for $5.00 (they weren't on sale and I didn't have another coupon...)

Then I went to Joanns "just to look"

I ended up buying a heat gun, 16 embossing powders, 6 A2 embossing folders (Stylized Flowers, Tiny Bubbles, Argyle, Snowflakes, Distressed Stripes, and Textile), and 5 Embossing Borders (the "With Love" set).

After everything (including the cuttlebug), I still spent less than the cuttlebug would have cost me had I had to pay full price for it!! Amazing!!

Although, when I was playing around with my embossing powders and such, I'm not too sure how I like it. When I see other peoples cards with embossing it looks really pretty but for some reason to me in person it does not... Idk I guess I will see as I try it on other things as well...

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